Improve your Security. I can't think that how you guy can't give books in right time. When i ask you say "yaha jao waha jao" are we sucker? Indian Education System suck a lot. "aur waha pe jane ke baad bolte hai ki post se aayegi" What is this????? We are giving money for struggling?? or educate??? Ok you guys said "post se aayegi" but when????? is it means never? well here never mean after exam :( means how can we study after exam ??? tell me one student who can pass without studying?? and what will we do with those books after exams ???? and another this why you guys don't listen students carefully?? for this we are giving money? we i use to ask question to teachers than they use to say that "syllabus ke bahar se hai"???? what does it means.... let me explain .. in reality you guys even don't know what is collage?? Collage, school or etc means the palace where students can get knowledge not struggle... and you guys use to say "khud padh ke aao" if it is than why i coming to collage??? "aur aate bhi hai doubt clear nhi krta hao" also improve the education system its suck a lot. And the main thing exams??? what is it ??? "exam maine number bhi kam dete hai" what a justice?? first thing in our society people use to give value to these sucking marks not the talent of students :( .This is so sad .. ok this is about marks but why do you care more about girls ... ???? There is a rule that max marks of girl will be 80 and boys have to get suck at 70 ???? is this justice??? what is different between girls and boys???? and not only this "question check nhi krte dekh ke aur jo unke pass answers hote hai usko dekh ke pura kaat dete hai result kuch subject ka aata hai time pe ek saath nhi dete" and "assignment k marks ka command external teacher ko do" external should come for assignment submittion and "annoumnet ki hai ki assignment submission ki last date 30 april hai firr bhi 31 march ko assignment le rhe hai" they are giving stress to student proof - Click Here" ye site hai proof ke liye ki 30 april hai firr bhi. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a humble request to Pm. Modi that student should get good quality of education and they should not judge by marks .... please judge them with there talent. and mr. modi what is good collage ... i use to see that there are many collage in india ... why there is differences that this is bad and this is good.???? every parents want his son to get good job .. There is a fact that "The Country India is not made for Ethical Hackers" that's why indian cyber people are going out of country they are doing work for them Why and nobody is creative here .... somedays before apple co-founder came to india named Steve Wozniak and he said " Lack of creativity in India" whyy this is so ... well i know because we indians judge students by there marks not by there ability. now people think out of india they will get good education. This all weakness of Indian Education System. i m good at cyber security ... i should get respect and good job .. because i m creative.. why india respect those people who is not creative?? they are just doing same thing which is going on again and again ?? where is creativity - example - cricketers .. they do nothing only do same thing where is creativity in it??? .. i am glad to say that i m creative because i use find bug and report tem to improve security but today?? enough as a student i didn't dumped or deleted anything in this server - have a look here At last i want to study those thing which is going to help me in future and also want to quality full education Thanks Alone